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Copyright and image use

All images, unless otherwise noted, are mine. If you would like to share any of these online for non-profit reasons, please link back to the page you found the image AND provide clear and proper credit (e.g., Image by or image by @echointhecity).

Do not print or modify any images. None of my images can be used for profit reasons.

All other images are found using creative commons filters, and if you would like to use any of those pictures please respect the original copyright.

Comment Policy

I welcome comments and try to respond to every single one. Sometimes my responses will be a short “thanks!”, others might be an essay. Be prepared for either. And anything in between.

I wont delete comments just because I disagree with the content. However, I’ve noticed a lot of “nay-saying” and hateful speech on the internet. That is not allowed on my blog. Yes, I have a comment policy. 

First, your comments are not private conversations. If you submit a comment, I retain the rights to both reject or post it. In either case, I can also use it for material in future posts. 

Second, my acceptance of a comment does NOT indicate that I agree with or endorse its content. I may accept it so as to stimulate discussion/debate, even if I disagree with the content.

Third, it’s really annoying when people comment without even reading the article or post (that npr April Fool’s joke was pure genius). I won’t accept or reply to comments where this appears to be the case

Finally, the blog Flyover Feminism (please visit it if you haven’t already!) has one that, upon reading, I actually thought:


So, without further ado (and with full credit to Flyover Feminism), here goes***:

Flyover Feminism [and echo in the city!] is a social justice space concerned with the amplification of marginalized voices. To that end, commenters are asked to create a culture of positive engagement in which both people and ideas are uplifted. We are not interested in flamewars and devil’s advocacy and tearing each other down for imperfect compliance to an imaginary feminist ideal.

Here, we understand that feminism and womanism mean different things to different practitioners. Your choice may not be the same as mine, and different does not mean less than. We are committed to meaningful discussions of intersectionality, and oppressions within feminism. We are also committed to meaningful inclusivity.

Our commenters must be committed to these ideas, too. In practice, that means that commenters may not use sexist, racist, heterosexistfaithist,homophobic, trans*phobic, ableist, ageist, sizeist, classist, or other marginalizing language and imagery in this space. Also off-limits: Hate speech, slurs, threats, rape apologia, shit-stirring, concern trolling, derailing, playing the Oppression Olympics, sockpuppeting, silencing tactics, accusations of bad faith, using people’s personal aspects or experience against them, or any other behavior that could generally be filed under the heading of pointless belligerence.

Disagreement is expected and welcome, but you are kindly requested to find a way to disagree without being an ass about it.

Go forth and type!

*** underlined words represent my additions. All regular font is original to the authors, and can be found here:!

Original “Happy Lima Bean” Artwork created by sypher7, see here

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