Life with a Hardcore Cyclist: Did Someone Say NEW BIKE?

Just the other day I mentioned to Jason that I was thinking about getting a single speed cyclocross bike this year for commuting around the city. It didn’t take long before he had it all planned out, and that inspired me to make this comic. Enjoy! 


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13 thoughts on “Life with a Hardcore Cyclist: Did Someone Say NEW BIKE?

  1. Haha! The Mechanic is very excited because he’s buying a new mountain bike frame today, to replace his current. Mind you, he still hasn’t finished building mine… But I totally know the situation!


    • How’s The Mechanic liking his new mtb frame so far? And yes, we are uneven in our bikes. I only have 2 and he has 4! I have demanded that I get the next bike before he gets his. We’ll see ;) haha


  2. I dare not utter the words “For my bike, I was thinking of buying . . ” Then we’re off and running! The numbers, the measurements, the weight calculations – my husband loves numbers! I just hope to keep the dollar number down. Not likely!


  3. Gosh your bf is cycling nuts. My partner isn’t quite like that….except he’s going to leave behind of his with son in Toronto so that he can have a bike always available to use when he visits.

    Which means he’s going to buy a new one to replace the one he’s shipping out to T.O.
    This is in addition to 4 bikes of his.

    It’s ok, I have 4 myself.


    • Yes, yes he is. I am too, but not at the level he is. That’s okay with me though ;) Gives me something to make comics about! hehe


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