Yummy Food For Your Bike Ride

I’m going to cut to the chase–we’ve struggled a lot with food and cycling. We started off with Gatorade to drink and candy bars for fuel. We quickly caught up to speed on High Fructose Corn Syrup, and the lovely extra ingredient added to Gatorade, and need alternatives. Clif bars did great for a while, but we unfortunately bought a bunch at Costco and I just can’t stomach them anymore. Besides,  I crave real food when traveling far.

Except, eating a lot before a ride hurts my stomach. Eating a sandwich in the middle of a ride hurts my stomach. Bananas hurt my stomach. Sometimes even water hurts my stomach! 

I had just about given up until Karen from Sip, Clip, and Go! (Talk about delicious coffee, by the way…) tweeted about a book called “Feed Zone Portables.” 


I owe her much gratitude, because this is the best cook I have ever owned in my life!

Feed Zone Portables

The first part of the book is full of information about nutrition and exercise and digestion and hydration. It’s pretty technical, full of lingo, and challenging to read. It’s the kind of thing most people (myself included) will need to read multiple times to really “digest” it all. 

But the recipes are fantastic! We have already made several, and are pleased with all of them. I’m used to tweaking a lot to fit my tastes, but I haven’t had to change any of the core ingredients!

Here is a quick run through of what we’ve made so far, and our thoughts on them.

Warm Dough with Apple Filling


Dough made with flour, sugar, and almond milk. That’s it! Some chopped apples, cinnamon, and sugar. They were pretty good, except the dough was almost impossible to make! We had to keep adding flour and more flour and more and more. It was a sticky, gross mess, and the dough never felt fully cooked (we also had to double the cooking time). But, they were still very yummy and went quickly!


Be careful of their heating instructions. You’re only supposed to warm up the milk, but if I follow their suggested time, the liquid is near boiling!

Spinach, Feta, and Red Pepper Polenta Cakes

Um. DELICIOUS! These are super versatile. We made it for dinner and the leftovers were bars for bike riding. Make yummy late night snacks, too. Could maybe use a little more red pepper and feta cheese.


French Toast Cakes


We both love good french toast. Mmmmmmm, it’s one of our favorites. So, there was no contest that this recipe would be one of the first we would try. It’s basically french toast, but baked.


And they were fantastic! Another one that doubles as a good meal, and the leftovers were snacks. None of them made it to a bike ride.


Chocolate Blueberry Rice Cakes 

This one, so far, is my favorite one. Oh goodness these are SO delicious! I don’t even like blueberries sans pancakes or muffins to cover them! 


I shared some with my mom and she wont stop talking about them. She has demanded the recipe multiple times, and even agreed to buy me a bag of the rice (must use sticky rice) from costco if I agree to continue making them for her! 


This was the first time we tried to wrap up rice cakes using their fancy pants folding technique.

The one on the right? That's MY first try. Yea...

The one on the right? That’s MY first try. Yea…

But after some practice, we got the hang of it. The book calls for a special kind of foil, that comes with paper on the inside. We have not found it in ANY store (even costco, which supplies to restaurants!). So far, the only place we found that sells it Amazon…at $5 a box PLUS $5 for shipping? No thanks. Heavy duty foil without paper will have to do.


The Test

It’s great if these taste good, but do they work for bike riding? YES! We tested it out on a 36-mile ride, on a HOT, gross day.


We’ve made more: Apple Rice Cakes and Peanut Butter and Jelly Rice cakes. So far, the apple rice cakes are Jason’s favorite and we both liked the PBJ ones. I can’t recommend this cookbook enough! 

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this cookbook if:

  • You go for long bike rides
  • You have stressful bike commutes and want to stuff your face before/after
  • You want to make your own lunch, but don’t have many ideas
  • You like to snack all the time, but it’s expensive and you don’t always have healthy things to eat
  • You want easy dinner ideas
  • You like to eat food

~ * Don’t forget to check out my store!


15 thoughts on “Yummy Food For Your Bike Ride

  1. I love this book too. And the Feed Zone book too.
    I too struggled with eating and cycling. For any long rides over 3 hrs, my tummy really longs for real food. This totally does the trick. My favorite is the scrabbled eggs, bacon, green onion, soy sauce, brown sugar, topped with Parmesan cheese. And second favorite is the blueberry, coconut milk and chocolate chips.
    Enjoy. Thanks for sharing. Great pics.


  2. Pingback: Gotta love a good ride | 10000 Miles of Experiences, Adventures and Thoughts

    • Haha thank you!! Check out my recent post about taking my dog for a bike ride. I modified a salad recipe and took a pic! It’s not entirely one of the recipes, but it just shows how you can use them as ideas to create your own, too!!

      Thanks for commenting!


  3. Yes! I love this book, and the non-portables original too (which does actually have some awesome portables recipes in as well). My favourites are the baked pasta and French toast cakes (seriously, is there ever a bad time for French toast?). I found your blog because I too had trouble with the ‘warm dough’ not coming together – eventually with a lot of extra flour it came out ok and I now have a big pile of tiny curry chicken pies. Awesome! :)


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