Well, I’m Ready For Summer

While cleaning up and going through all my posts, I saw this little gem here. It’s from early fall and is about a cyclocross race that Jason did at the Chicago Cyclocross Cup (at Jackson Park). I wrote a little bit about it, but looks like I was waiting for him to write up about his experience doing the race and it just never happened. 

Well, I’m going to post it because I took some fun pictures. And, because it makes me anxious for warmer weather so I can get back on my bike. Hope you enjoy!


My Write Up

It was pretty busy that day and I could actually feel the excitement and anticipation in the atmosphere. It reminded me of attending a concert, except a lot of the people there were waiting to perform rather than jump in a mosh pit and pump their fists in the air.

While Jason registered I sat alone, watching, as people trickled in to join one group or another. Groups of racers sat on their top tubes and small clusters of people dotted the field. Everyone knew someone there. It was like watching a bunch of really tiny family reunions all happening at the same park. Hugs, smiles, and high-pitched chatter were commonplace.

It was a pretty diverse crowd, at least compared to what I’ve been to in the past. In other words, I saw people of color, women, and teenagers. So, I was happy about that.

However, it was also pretty ‘pro.’ Most racers were in kits, there was drug testing, and a rule about no handouts? These outfits and rules also matched the solemn looks on the racers’ faces. A good deal of people meant business that day.

I wasn’t racing, so the only business I took seriously was to take pictures and scream at Jason. 

Jason? Well, he hasn’t raced much so he set pretty low bars–don’t crash, don’t puke, and just finish. 

Jackson Park, Chicago Cyclocross Cup, Race #1












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3 thoughts on “Well, I’m Ready For Summer

    • Oh wow, it is, isn’t it? We actually don’t have many because it’s usually just the two of us traveling around. Jason’s family came that day so we had someone who could take our picture. Yeah, a good motto, I think :) And it applies to so many more things than biking. Like…giving a presentation!


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