Get Your Priorities Straight


Our move took place over a grueling three weeks and we endured lots of physical pain (thanks, three flights of stairs) and freezing our assess off (thank you, polar vortex, for your perfect timing). Although, I must say that I don’t think our butts were that cold. More like… our fingers and lungs.

Anyway, as you can see in my last post, things were just piling up in bags and boxes as we moved in. We made a few trips to Ikea, but only purchased a bed frame, a couch, and some kitchen utensils. No bookshelves or anything else we could use for storage. We had to wait for our bikes, you see, which were the last to arrive.

If you’re reading between the lines correctly, you may have already picked up what I’m saying: everything else had to wait until we found the perfect spot for our bikes.

I posted several inquiries on twitter (Follow me @echointhecity!) about the best ways to store bikes in small apartments. Unlike our last apartments, we were willing to drill into the wall this time, so we purchased two Racor Pro bike racks ($20/each on Amazon). Once they arrived, we could finally get the bikes settled in and figure out the rest of the apartment. 

Our initial hope was that it would work in the living room (why not store in them in a place where they can be admired most of the day?), but they wouldn’t fit. The next best guess we had was the office.

This wall is 70 inches, which is cutting it pretty close when it comes to storing a bike on a wall. We used our old leaning racks to help us test it out without drilling anything to wall. Excellent! A good sign. 


There was no guarantee it would work because, since we were drilling racks onto the wall, it all depended on the stud. It was possible that the rack couldn’t go in the exact position that kept our tires away from the door frame. Jason used his handy stud detector and found the sweet spot. 

There was still another potential problem. With a rack such as this (two bikes per rack), the bikes don’t take up the exact same space–they must be offset a little to fit. This, was our biggest concern. 

So we aligned the leaning bike rack so that it would match how the bikes would be positioned on the wall rack. Then, held up the other bike to it, estimating how the second bike would work. It was a little tricky, but with the both of us there, we got it figured out. And it would work! 

Jason drilled them to the wall, which didn’t take too long, and it was done!


It may not be obvious in the pictures here, but there are “dents” on the arms only for one bike; the one that goes on the outside does not get them. However, this actually makes it a lot easier to arrange the bikes together. So, I would recommend that you look for a rack that does not have spots for both bikes! 

Look at those beauties! And what a space saver. In a small apartment, it’s amazing to fit four bikes on one wall.  And not just fit–they will be easy to take on and off, which is just as important. 

Oh, and then I needed to figure out what to do with that old leaning bike rack. We don’t have a foyer or entrance closet (yet: cue evil creative genius laughter), so I propped it up and used it to hang our coats.


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6 thoughts on “Get Your Priorities Straight

    • Those leaning ones are really nice, about $70 each? (we actually have both up now). If we weren’t using them, I might actually sell them to ya :/ but it’ll be at least a couple months before we can get a place for our coats, etc. but I do highly recommend them!


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