Life with a Hardcore Cyclist: The Seven ‘Fred’ly Sins

I recently heard the term ‘Fred’ in reference to certain kinds of cyclists (see “related posts” at the bottom). I thought it was pretty funny, because I like things that poke a little fun at cycling (that’s what this comic is all about). 

I might be the last cyclist to find out about ‘Freds’ but just in case, here is a link to a hilarious article about the history and definitions of this term. One reason that I love this all so much is because I see a lot of myself in this description. Without realizing it, it’s kind of what I was going for in my About page! Maybe I’m a Fred after all?

And that is the inspiration for my latest comic, The Seven ‘Fred’ly Sins. 


I want to add a brief disclaimer. It should go without saying that people are more than a stereotype. I think very few, if any, people actually fit into any of the categories that we have assigned to cyclists. Roadie. Hipster. Fred. I think that we’re all unique cyclists in our own way, and there is no one way to be a cyclist.

Wear what you want. Ride what you want. Bring what you want. Do what you want.

Get on your wheels, and get happy. 

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Gear featured in the comic

This comic is actually based on what I wear/bring along when I ride. I’d like to take this moment to give a shout out to some of my favorite products, which are featured here (and I will likely give a full review at some point):


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17 thoughts on “Life with a Hardcore Cyclist: The Seven ‘Fred’ly Sins

  1. Ok I have distinct Fred tendencies! Always pack for the worst, mountain bike shorts for road rides, and never care about cadence. But then, never care what I look like either!!

    Hello, I’m Tony and I am a Fred….


  2. We just spent our precious 3 hours in Paris today (on stopover) looking for Chrome SPDs! We couldn’t find any! Us European-residents really get the crumbs…. I guess there will be one shop in Switzerland somewhere that will stock them for twice the price… p.s. I’ve never heard of the term Fred, but I’m probably halfway there with my gear! p.p.s. You forgot the giant bike lock for bike security!!


    • Awwww that sucks, that’s really too bad about the shoes! I’ve had them for about 6 months now and really love them. Keep looking! Although…. double the price? Ouch… I think other companies are coming out with similar ones?

      HOW could I forget the bike locks!!!! I knew there was something missing! Although, that’s because Jason usually carries them and I only recently got an attachment to put one on mine (yes, I use the attachment, haha!) I might have to do a follow up…


    • Fred certainly has a nice ring to it, sounds good when you say it. It’s like a THUMP, and that’s kind of what it feels like trying to pedal around when you’re a Fred =) haha! Thanks for commenting!


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  5. Real Freds, use toeclips, not clipless pedals. Neither my partner or I have gone over to clipless. Just toeclips. Actually mine tend to be Zefal’s half toe cups.

    But no, I don’t play a stereo radio boom box while I bike along. :D

    I have 4 bikes…so I’m not sure what makes me.


    • Haha! I used those for a while. I found them to be quite irritating. Buuut. It wa nice to be able to wear any shoe.

      4 bikes? I can see that happening easy. I have a road and MTB. Jason has those plus a cyclocross. I also want a cx bike. We both want a touring bike. And I want a cruiser type city bike…

      By the way. I sold my car today. I am carless! Thought you’d be geeked to hear that :) post about it coming soon!


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