Blog Makeover

So many changes!

My blog is getting a sweet makeover. New theme? Check. Updated pages? Check! Revised About page? half-check. More items on the to-do list, but things are moving along. 

Okay so after 3 days of doing a tee spring t-shirt campaign, I closed it. I found out about spreadshirt from Kristin ( and decided to go that route. Instead of a temporary campaign, it’s an actual store. I make stuff, upload it, and then if people see something they like they buy it and it ships. 

Right on! 

I even added a new page to my site for my store and everything. 

I figured, heck. I might as well create a new character/mascot/name thing while I’m at it, too. Blog readers, allow me to introduce my new store:


More updates are coming for my blog, and I have approximately 6,784,560 more ideas for things to make for that store so keep checking it regularly! And if you have special requests, let me know! 


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4 thoughts on “Blog Makeover

  1. I like the new look. I like to give my blog a makeover every once in a while (usually, I have to admit, when the creative juices aren’t flowing but I want to do *something* on the blog :-) ). It’s good to change things every once in a while.


    • thanks so much! and yes, me too! (and, for the same reason). haha .This is the first time that I’ve got the best of both worlds: ideas for a makeover AND creative juices flowing.

      *note to self: don’t ever say “creative juices flowing” again… sounds weird.

      anyway, thanks for the comment!


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