Life with a Hardcore Cyclist: The Seven ‘Fred’ly Sins

I recently heard the term ‘Fred’ in reference to certain kinds of cyclists (see “related posts” at the bottom). I thought it was pretty funny, because I like things that poke a little fun at cycling (that’s what this comic is all about). 

I might be the last cyclist to find out about ‘Freds’ but just in case, here is a link to a hilarious article about the history and definitions of this term. One reason that I love this all so much is because I see a lot of myself in this description. Without realizing it, it’s kind of what I was going for in my About page! Maybe I’m a Fred after all?

And that is the inspiration for my latest comic, The Seven ‘Fred’ly Sins. 


I want to add a brief disclaimer. It should go without saying that people are more than a stereotype. I think very few, if any, people actually fit into any of the categories that we have assigned to cyclists. Roadie. Hipster. Fred. I think that we’re all unique cyclists in our own way, and there is no one way to be a cyclist.

Wear what you want. Ride what you want. Bring what you want. Do what you want.

Get on your wheels, and get happy. 

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Gear featured in the comic

This comic is actually based on what I wear/bring along when I ride. I’d like to take this moment to give a shout out to some of my favorite products, which are featured here (and I will likely give a full review at some point):


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