An epic bike ride, fit for dog royalty

Our Australian Cattle Dog, Biscuit, had a great day last week. His humans whizzed about the apartment, talking excitedly and stuffing things into bags. He probably guessed that they were going to take those… Continue reading

Life with a Hardcore Cyclist: Le Tour de FACE

I may enjoy cycling, but I have no interest in the Tour de France. I’ve just never been into competitive sports, and generally I always prefer to do things rather than to watch. I… Continue reading

You totally want this…

  I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough bike t-shirts. I was supper excited when announced this one. I’ve never used teespring before, but it’s pretty cool. It works… Continue reading

What the heck is #Bikeschool?

Howdy, readers! Tonight I hosted something called “Bikeschool.” Of course, I made a bunch of graphics to go along with it. I figured I might as well post them all here. If you’ve… Continue reading

Thinking Through the Strava Data

Lots of people are talking about the announcement that the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is using a Strava dataset to conduct a research study (click here for the article). As with everything… Continue reading

Imagine if you had to sell your bike

(Or, for the extra lucky folks, imagine if you had to sell ALL your bikes.)  That’s the position that Kristin found herself in. Thanks to overwhelming medical bills–a result of her ongoing fight against… Continue reading

Life with a Hardcore Cyclist: The Best Job Ever

The other day Jason lamented that he doesn’t get paid to just ride a bike. I quote, “Why can’t my job just be to bike ride? I’d even wear a billboard on me.” … Continue reading

My Life Through Buttons

I once grabbed a hammer and punched a whole in my bedroom wall.  I got the idea from watching Nickelodeon. I think a school found a time capsule or created one, or both, or something.… Continue reading

Life with a Hardcore Cyclist: Did Someone Say NEW BIKE?

Just the other day I mentioned to Jason that I was thinking about getting a single speed cyclocross bike this year for commuting around the city. It didn’t take long before he had… Continue reading

Rethink Your Space: How to Fit a Bike Shop Into a Closet

Bicycling has had a profound impact on me. What started as a form of exercise to help me lose weight has transformed into a new way of life. Two changes are relevant to this… Continue reading